A Day in the Life

This is what a typical day looks like for a Body Image Bootcamp franchisee…

The options for start times for sessions are 5.45 pm, 6.45 pm, 7.45 pm. You’ll need to be at the venue 20 minutes early to begin the session set up and stay for 15 minutes after to answer any member questions. An established business may run morning sessions too.

Following Day:

08:30am Post on group Facebook page. Congratulate. Shout outs. Reminders.
09:00am Breakfast and daily admin time.
10.00am Check on daily income goals and marketing.
10.30am Answer questions from the previous evening. This will usually include nutrition queries, payment queries. Engage with group.
11.00am Dry run of next day’s session. Tweak as necessary based on knowledge of groups. Plan music playlist (energy).
11.30am Re-engage with the group. Discuss meal plans, aches and pains, details of tomorrow class. Set minds at rest. Encourage.
12:30 Lunch.

Apart from the set time of the sessions, time can be managed as you want throughout the day. Some of our franchisees may initially still have a day job or other responsibilities as well so may make Facebook updates during their lunch time or after work. As you scale and grow your team, you will not need to run so many sessions, which means you can get your work time down to 4 hours per day.