1 in every 7 people in the UK regularly attend a gym or fitness classes. The emphasis being placed on fitness is great news for potential franchisees looking to buy a fitness franchise.

HIIT-style programmes like these are typically designed as a pay as you go outdoor service which isn’t a predicable and scalable business model. However, Body Image Bootcamp has switched this around to a monthly membership model which promotes loyalty and community.

Body Image Bootcamp sessions are always in an indoor setting and members don’t have to take massive amounts of time away as the 30 minute workouts become part of their daily routine. There’s also the benefit of more focus and better results that comes from not drifting in and out of a gym or attending the odd bootcamp when the weather’s nice…

Very few competitors offer nutrition advice and coaching support outside of the sessions – which is so critical to successful life changing transformations. It is the results we get our clients which makes them stay as happy paying clients for 4+ years.