Is it Right for You?

How to be successful

There is just no escaping the fact that running your own business can be hard work. However, you are doing it for yourself and the rewards of a Body Image Bootcamp franchise will be there for you to see from day one. If you possess the following attributes, then a Body Image Bootcamp franchise could be just what you have been looking for:

passion for fitness

Someone with a passion for fitness who is looking to build their own business, or a fitness professional who wants to get away from the 1-2-1 structure and succeed with a more leveraged and profitable business model.


To have a burning desire to be successful, someone who is constantly looking to improve themselves.

Natural Ability

To have a natural to ability to understand others and help transform their lives.


Someone trustworthy, reliable, hardworking and not afraid to challenge themselves.

Marketing Assistance

We will offer you marketing assistance and provide you with proven tools and strategies for attracting and retaining customers regarding new ideas for growing your business.


To be great with people on a personal level as well as being able to lead groups.


Someone fun, motivational and positive, someone with a sense of humour.