Areas Available

Body Image Bootcamp territories are designed for success. Your territory will have a population between 20,000 and 50,000 people. This means that right from the start you have a customer base with enough potential for huge growth. You don’t have to ‘buy more territory’ as you grow – your initial investment in your franchise allows for this.

We will help you find a premises suitable to hold up to 30 members at each training session. This is something we have a lot of experience in over the last 5 years so we know that we can help find you the optimum location to grow your business.


Expanding your business is matter of signing up more clients and running more sessions. This is something we will continue to guide you on to ensure your are hitting your goals and targets. At a certain point, which we will advise, hiring of fitness coaches will help leverage your time so you can focus on growing your territory and maximising it’s potential revenue.