The Opportunity

Trends and Facts about Fitness Franchises

The popularity of fitness franchises is at an all-time high and the UK fitness industry is currently valued at £4.9bn. This is due to the large number of people wanting to get and stay fit. 1 in every 7 people in the UK regularly attend a gym or fitness classes. The emphasis being placed on fitness is great news for potential franchisees looking to buy a fitness franchise.


Body Image Bootcamp has created a group coaching system which has changed the way people think about exercise and nutrition. The unfortunate but true fact is that many fat loss pills, yo-yo diets, gym memberships and gadgets just don’t work. When most people think of gyms they think of boring treadmills and equipment they don’t know how to use effectively. But there is something that works, Body Image Bootcamp has created a better solution… Our expert coaching and support is what sets us apart from everyone else and that’s how we guarantee results.

Body Image Bootcamp is, realistic, enjoyable and affordable for just about everyone who wants to get in great shape.