What will your business look like?

Your Business

A well-run Body Image Bootcamp franchise works because the franchisee has paid close attention to managing these key areas:


Growing your client base means marketing your business. You’ll learn all the techniques and strategies to succeed but it’s up to you make them work. We will give you our best converting ads and strategies, you just need to take action and implement what we give you.


Giving clients fun and invigorating sessions is what Body Image Bootcamp is all about. Atmosphere and energy in session is what keeps people coming back and spreading the word. Successful franchisees will know how to run sessions at a high standard. We will teach you how to hire the best coaches to conduct more sessions, so that you can expand the business to an even greater degree and have the day to day support of a fantastic team.


Our best franchisees know that client relationships don’t end when the sessions stop. They’re in regular contact with clients via social media and other means to keep the clients motivated and on track to make life changing transformations. This makes clients more likely to recommend Body Image Bootcamp to friends, family and colleagues.


Body Image Bootcamp franchisees enjoy a low level of administrative burden, but bookkeeping, tax and annual accounting have got to be taken care of. Whether it’s by paying for professional help or taking care of themselves, successful franchisees keep on top of their business administration. This vital to forecasting and growth.